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Only one day to go so Fifa 21 ultimate and champion edition is out. The original release date will be on October 09, 2020.

Fifa 21 as every year is well announced to come with new features on career and of course ultimate team. Yesterday I had the chance to test the 10 hour trial by EA Play. Every year EA Sports try to create new features and a more realistic movement as a user throughout the players.

So, what can we expect this year?

Yes, I also believe that they are not major changes in the Fifa games throughout the years. but I always find quite interesting to explore each game and even though there aren’t major changes I still think it’s worth buying. You can enjoy the new features, kits, squad updates and much more. If you are not as passion on football maybe you can wait until the price goes down as it always has.

Again it does not come again with Juventus as their name is Piemonte Calcio. Although comparing to last Fifa 20 I think they improved on the kits. Of course, PES again got the license this year.


At the forefront of the next generation. Kylian Mbappé is the FIFA 21 Cover Star.

Official release date: 09/10/2020


This countdown has been ended already!

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